IF: Bicycle

Just a lovely day for a bicycle ride…

I just had to include this one too – one of the assignments when you apply to RISD is to draw a bicycle. When I was still at ECU, someone from my dorm had parked this bike outside and (lucky for me) didn’t move it for at least a month!


Posted on 04.27.2011, in Illustration Friday. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. What a fun and charming picture!

    I’m wondering about how dark the child’s eyes and mouth is. There seems to be three layers of saturatedness–the background, the figures, and then his eyes, which strikes me as slightly strange–mostly because I see the woman and the boy and being on the same “level” somehow, and not like his eyes are any more important than anything else.

    It is indeed a delightful picture….

  2. Thank you! I knew there was something not right about this… I’m going to fix the kid’s face & update it soon

  3. This whole scene is very cute, and it looks as though it is in the San Fran area, very cool. Your perspective is slightly warped, though I am not sure if that is your style or a part of the piece. I would put a little more red into the features of the young girl and grandma. Besides those I think this is a very charming piece.

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