>IF: Resolutions

>One of my New Year’s resolutions is to participate in Illustration Friday every week. One of her resolutions is to learn how to drive a flamingo.


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  1. >What a great resolution! Love your illo! Great job! 😀

  2. >I enjoy your drawing!

  3. >Very cool drawing Susan! Great character and pose :o) looking forward to seeing a lot more in 2011. Happy New Year!!!

  4. >I really love the way this is drawn. Lovely.

  5. >What a delightful drawing! And as far as resolutions go, this seems like a very reasonable one. Me too!

  6. >Great and good luck in the new year!

  7. >great resolution, love the character too

  8. >Wonderful illo and great risolution:)It's mine too:)

  9. >wonderful illustration! terrific character!

  10. >Fantastic!! I love your line work!

  11. >Thanks so much everybody! Okay, deja vu coming soon…

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