IF: Fearless

>Even with the slimy, pink tongue-worms sprouting up through the pores of the dragon’s elbow… with his special hat, he was fearless.


Posted on 05.10.2010, in Illustration Friday. Bookmark the permalink. 14 Comments.

  1. >Hello Susan! Now I'm sure there must be a great story behind this… I love the slimy pink tongue-worms! :))

  2. >love the movement in the worms and the little boys odd looking hat! sweet illustration 🙂

  3. >love it – what a great imagination! this has got a Dave McKean feel to it I reckon – great stuff

  4. >Love it!Wonderful illo and great colours:)

  5. >Great storytelling!

  6. >Wow! What an amazing FEARLESS fellow… and amzing artwork Susan. I'm lovin' it!

  7. >Thanks so much for your comments, everybody! That was my first digital (Corel Painter) experiment… I'm loving it so far!

  8. >Great story and illustration!

  9. >are you sure? i think he's a she and just as brave as i am cos i'm i tell you not even a tiny bit scared of that kind of worms and i have no hat like the 1 your girl does have oh it's like about me well done

  10. >This is awesome. Fantastic colors.

  11. >Hello Susan, now where is that whip? This is lovely and whimsical and the hat is just great! Now there is a new prompt, 'slither'. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of your work!regardsandrew 🙂

  12. >Hey I was just going to say "where is that whip"? but I see I already did. I like your work, would be happy to see more of it

  13. >Thank you! I keep trying to get a new IF piece done, but the weeks are flying by so fast. Hopefully this week I'll have something new!

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