>IF: Time


Thirty Turtles
Okay, I didn’t have time to create a new illustration for IF because I wanted to paint something for my friend’s 30th birthday on Tuesday. However, I did create this image in record time: less than 9 hours from sketch to finish, 14′” x 24″ acrylic on masonite.


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  1. >Beautiful image, love the position of the viewer and the sense the image conveys. Nice work!

  2. >Gorgeous! Yes, love the perspective and the colors. I just read Yertle the Turtle as a bedtime story two nights ago. Although your turtles look a lot friendlier and happier.

  3. >Wow, now that time well used! Great image!

  4. >wow that’s quite an accomplishment! great work also!

  5. >And a very cool image it is. I love the Tower of Turtles and the composition. Great work!

  6. >I could only count 27, but then I’m looking at it quite small. ;)Wonderfully composed, and what a great, random idea!

  7. >This is awesome! Love the viewpoint in this image.Thanks for your comment by the way. šŸ™‚

  8. >Absolutely Super! Love the whole thing. Kids would adore this! Very very very fun!!!

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